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  • Idioms with 'hang' to learn
    hang up
    hang around
    hang it
    hang ten
    hang together
    hang on
    hang back
    go hang
    give a hang
  • Idioms with 'peek' to learn
    pick off
    pick up
    pick on
    pick over
    pick and choose
    pick out
    pick at
    pick apart
    pick a hole in
    pick holes in
  • Idioms with 'keep' to learn (part 3)
    keep step with
    keep tab on
    keep the ball rolling
    keep the faith
    keep the home fires burning
    keep the wolf (wolves) from the door
    keep things humming
    keep time
    keep track
    keep under one's hat
    keep up
    keep up appearances
    keep up with the Joneses
    keep watch
  • Idioms with 'keep' to learn (part 2)
    keep one at a distance
    keep one's balance
    keep one's chin up
    keep one's distance
    keep one's eye on the ball
    keep one's eyes peeled
    keep one's feet
    keep one's hand in
    keep one's head
    keep one's head above water
    keep one's mouth shut
    keep one's nose clean
    keep one's nose to the grindstone
    keep one's own counsel
    keep one's shirt on
    keep one's word
    keep open house
    keep out (of)
    keep pace
    keep plugging along
  • Idioms with 'keep' to learn (part 1)
    keep (one) posted
    keep a civil tongue in one's head
    keep a stiff upper lip
    keep abreast (of) someone
    keep after
    keep an eye on
    keep away
    keep back
    keep body and soul together
    keep books
    keep company
    keep cool
    keep down
    keep from
    keep in touch with
    keep late hours
    keep off
    keep on