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  • Idioms containing double to learn
    double check
    double back
    double date
    double duty
    double nickel
    double up
  • Leave and absence idiom flashcards set to learn
    in absentia
    absent without leave (AWOL)
    take off
    take one's leave
    take French leave
    French leave
    take it or leave it
    leave hanging
    take leave of
    leave off
  • Random idioms to learn
    cry over spilled milk
    water over the dam
    water down
    of the first water
    hold water
    wash one's hands of
    watered down
    weigh one's words
    wet behind the ears
    wet blanket
  • Random idiom flashcards set to learn
    at odds
    burn up the road
    pound of flesh
    slow burn
    paint the town red
    pig out
    follow one's nose
    fall by the wayside
    pay one's way
    shudder to think
  • Random idiom flashcards set to learn
    grease the wheels
    kick around
    put in one's place
    darken one's door
    push on
    when the chips are down
    pound away at
    hold back
    throw a curve
    pick off