Learning English — Slang

Contemporary English and American slang with explanation and examples from MrDuncan.
About 40 words and word combinations have been defined within this video-lesson.

Lesson summary


Money: cash, dosh, dough, foldable stuff, moolah, notes, readies, smackers;
UK pound: quid, nicker.
US dollar: buck, green-back.
Great: that's ace, that's awesome, that's bad, that's bona, cool, excellent, far-out, intense, radical, wicked,
Obsolete slang for 'woman':  {offensive nowadays} bird or chick (don't use it).
aggro, babe, Barbie, berk, cabbage, cancer stick, chav, cheerio, chill-out, choppers, dead (=extremely), diamond, diddle, dish, egg-head, emo, erk, fag, fancy, fisty-cuffs, fit, fuddy-duddy, gay, get a life, goggle box, graveyard hours, cock-up.


Airhead, bad (=good), barf, cruise, dough, dynamite, far-out, gut-full, hang five, pad, screw-up, split, time-out, take it easy, out there, wheels, zip.
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