come out

come out  {v.}
1. Of a girl: To be formally introduced to polite society at about age eighteen, usually at a party; begin to go to big parties.
In society, girls come out when they reach the age of about eighteen, and usually it is at a big party in their honor; after that they are looked on as adults.
2. To be published.
The book came out two weeks ago.
3. To become publicly known.
The truth finally came out at his trial.
4. To end; result; finish.
How did the story come out?
The game came out as we had hoped.
The snapshots came out well.
5. To announce support or opposition; declare yourself (for or against a person or thing).
The party leaders came out for an acceptable candidate.
Many Congressmen came out against the bill.
6. See: GO OUT FOR.
Categories: polite verb

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