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bow and scrape
[bow and scrape] {v.} To be too polite or obedient from […]

butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth
[butter wouldn't melt in one's mouth] {informal} You act very polite […]

call a spade a spade
[call a spade a spade] {v. phr.} To call a person […]

children and fools speak the truth
[children and fools speak the truth] Children and fools say things […]

come out
[come out] {v.} 1. Of a girl: To be formally introduced […]

comfortable as an old shoe
[comfortable as an old shoe] {adj. phr.}, {informal} Pleasant and relaxed; […]

[coming-out] {adj.} Introducing a girl to polite society. * /Mary's parents […]

dance to another tune
[dance to another tune] {v. phr.} To talk or act differently, […]

good night
[good night] {interj.} 1. Used as a polite phrase when you […]

in brief
[in brief] or [in short] or [in a word] {adv. phr.} […]