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as to

as to  {prep.}
1. In connection with; about; regarding.
There is no doubt as to his honesty.
As to your final grade, that depends on your final examination.
2. According to; following; going by.
They sorted the eggs as to size and color.
Categories:doubt preposition

around the corner

around the corner  {adv. phr.}
Soon to come or happen; close by; near at hand.
The fortuneteller told Jane that there was an adventure for her just around the corner.
Categories:adverb hand

put up a (brave, good, etc.) fight

To resist.
He put up a good fight but he was bound to lose in the end to the older, more experienced chess player.

on the cuff

on the cuff  {adj.} or  {adv. phr.},  {informal}
Agreeing to pay later; to be paid for later; on credit.
Peter lost the money that Mother gave him to buy meat, and the store would not let him have meat on the cuff.
Many people buy cars and television sets on the cuff.

look for

look for  {v.}
1. To think likely; expect.
We look for John to arrive any day now.
The frost killed many oranges, and housewives can look for an increase in their price.
Bob wouldn't go for a ride with the boys because he was looking for a phone call from Julie.
2. To try to find; search for; hunt.
Fred spent all day looking for a job.
Mary and Joe looked for the Smiths at the play.
3. To do things that cause (your own trouble); make (trouble) for yourself; provoke.
Joe often gets into fights because he is always looking for trouble.
If you say the opposite of everything that others say, you are looking for a quarrel.

plow into

plow into  {v.}
1. To attack vigorously.
He plowed into his work and finished it in a few hours.
2. To crash into with force.
A truck plowed into my car and smashed the fender.

peter out

peter out  {v.},  {informal}
To fail or die down gradually; grow less; become exhausted.
After the factory closed, the town pretty well petered out.
The mine once had a rich vein of silver, but it petered out.
But as he thought of her, his anger slowly petered out.
Compare: GIVE OUT.
Categories:anger informal verb

end for end

end for end  {adv. phr.}
In a reversed or opposite position (as upside down or backwards); the other way around; over.
The box turned end for end as it fell, and everything spilled out.
The wind caught the canoe and turned it end for end.

go by

go by  {v.}
1. To go or move past; pass.
Bob had to go by the post office on his way to school, so he mailed the letter.
2. To follow; copy; obey.
Mother goes by a pattern when she makes a dress.
You will find Main Street without trouble if you go by Father's directions.
If you ride a bicycle, you must go by the rules of the road.
3. To be known by; be called.
Many actors do not go by their real names.
Fred goes by the nickname of Chubby.
4. To pass; be over; end.
Time goes by quickly on vacation.
The horse and buggy days have gone by.
The flowers have all gone by. What will I do for a bouquet?
5. To stop for a short visit; go to someone's house for a short while.
"Have you seen Bill lately?" "Yes, I went by his house last week."
Compare: STOP BY.
Categories:time verb

pull up

pull up  {v.}
1. To check the forward motion of; halt; stop.
He pulled up his horse at the gate.
2. To tell (someone) to stop doing something; say (someone) is doing wrong and must stop; scold.
Jim talked rudely to Mother, and Father pulled him up.
Ann said in her report that America was discovered in 1634, and the teacher pulled her up.
3. To stop moving forward; halt.
The car slowed down and pulled up at the curb.
4. To come even with; move up beside.
The other boat pulled up alongside us.