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a la
[a la] {prep.} In the same way as; like. * /Billy […]

according to
[according to] {prep.} 1. So as to match or agree with; […]

afoul of
[afoul of] {prep.} 1. In collision with. * /The boat ran […]

ahead of
[ahead of] {prep.} 1. In a position of advantage or power […]

alive with
[alive with] {prep.}, {informal} Crowded with; filled with. * /The lake […]

alongside of
[alongside of] {prep.} 1. At or along the side of. * […]

American Idioms
By part of speech: Nouns Verbs Adverbs Adjectives Interjections Prepositions […]

apart from
[apart from] or [aside from] {prep. phr.} Beside or besides; in […]

apropos of
[apropos of] {prep.}, {formal} In connection with; on the subject of, […]

as for
[as for] {prep.} 1. In regard to; speaking of; concerning. * […]