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play second fiddle

play second fiddle  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To act a smaller part; follow another's lead; be less noticed.
His wife had the stronger mind and he played second fiddle to her.
During the tournament, lessons played second fiddle to basketball.
Categories:informal verb

fit as a fiddle

fit as a fiddle  {adj. phr.}
In very good health.
The man was almost 90 years old but fit as a fiddle.
Mary rested at home for a few weeks after her operation; then she felt fit as a fiddle.

fiddle with

fiddle with  {v. phr.}
To carelessly play with something.
If Jimmy continues to fiddle with our computer, he is liable to ruin it.

fast buck

fast buck or quick buck  {slang}
Money earned quickly and easily, and sometimes dishonestly.
You can make a fast buck at the golf course by fishing balls out of the water trap.
He isn't interested in a career; he's just looking for a quick buck.
Categories:career money slang

pass the buck

pass the buck  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To make another person decide something or accept a responsibility or give orders instead of doing it yourself; shift or escape responsibility or blame; put the duty or blame on someone else.
Mrs. Brown complained to the man who sold her the bad meat, but he only passed the buck and told her to see the manager.
If you break a window, do not pass the buck; admit that you did it.
- buck-passer  {n. phr.}
A person who passes the buck.
Mr. Jones was a buck-passer even at home, and tried to make his wife make all the decisions.
- buck-passing  {n.} or  {adj.}
Buck-passing clerks in stores make customers angry.

bull in a china shop

A rough or clumsy person who says or does something to anger others or upset plans; a tactless person.
We were talking politely and carefully with the teacher about a class party, but John came in like a bull in a china shop and his rough talk made the teacher say no.
Categories:anger noun

bull session

bull session  {n.},  {slang}
A long informal talk about something by a group of persons.
After the game the boys in the dormitory had a bull session until the lights went out.
Categories:noun slang

at the drop of a hat

at the drop of a hat  {adv. phr.},  {informal}
1. Without waiting; immediately; promptly.
If you need a babysitter quickly, call Mary, because she can come at the drop of a hat.
2. Whenever you have a chance; with very little cause or urging.
At the drop of a hat, he would tell the story of the canal he wanted to build.
He was quarrelsome and ready to fight at the drop of a hat.
Categories:adverb informal

let drop

let drop  {v. phr.}
1. To cease to talk about; set aside; forget.
This is such an unpleasant subject that I suggest we let it drop for a few days.
2. To disclose; hint.
He unexpectedly let drop that he was resigning and joining another firm.

as regards

as regards  {prep.}
Regarding; concerning; about.
You needn't worry as regards the cost of the operation.
He was always secretive as regards his family.