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fancy pants

fancy pants  {n.},  {slang}
A man or boy who wears clothes that are too nice or acts like a woman or girl; sissy.
The first time they saw him in his new band uniform, they yelled "Hey, fancy pants, what are you doing in your sister's slacks?"
Categories:clothes noun slang time

feast or a famine

feast or a famine  {n. phr.}
Plenty or very little; big success or bad failure.
In this business it's either a feast or a famine.
He is very careless with his money, it is always a feast or a famine with him.
Categories:noun success

fed up

fed up  {informal} also  {slang} fed to the gills or fed to the teeth  {adj. phr.}
Having had too much of something; at the end of your patience; disgusted; bored; tired.
People get fed up with anyone who brags all the time.
I've had enough of his complaints. I'm fed up.
He was fed to the teeth with television and sold his set to a cousin.
John quit football because he was fed to the gills with practice.

in a big way

in a big way  {adv. phr.},  {informal}
As fully as possible; with much ceremony.
Our family celebrates birthdays in a big way.
John likes to entertain his dates in a big way.
Categories:adverb informal

in advance

in advance or in advance of  {adv. phr.}
1. In front; ahead (of the others); first.
In the parade, the band will march in advance of the football team.
The soldiers rode out of the fort with the scouts in advance.
2. Before doing or getting something.
The motel man told Mr. Williams he would have to pay in advance.
The paperhanger mixed his paste quite a while in advance so it would have time to cool.
It will be easier to decorate the snack bar if we cut the streamers in advance of the actual decorating.
Categories:adverb time

in line with

in line with  {prep.}
In agreement with.
Behavior at school parties must be in line with school rules.
In line with the custom of the school, the students had a holiday between Christmas and New Year's Day.

lead by the nose

lead by the nose  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To have full control of; make or persuade (someone) to do anything whatever.
Many people are easily influenced and a smart politician can lead them by the nose.
Don't let anyone lead you by the nose; use your own judgment and do the right thing.
Categories:informal nose verb

left-handed compliment

An ambiguous compliment which is interpretable as an offense.
I didn't know you could look so pretty! Is that a wig you're wearing?

no spring chicken

no spring chicken  {n. phr.}
A person who is no longer young.
Even though she is no spring chicken anymore, men still turn their heads to look at her.

not bad

not bad or not so bad or not half bad  {adj.},  {informal}
Pretty good; all right; good enough.
The party last night was not bad.
It was not so bad, as inexpensive vacations go.
The show was not half bad.
Categories:adjective informal