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back number

back number  {n.}
Something out of fashion, or out of date.
Among today's young people a waltz like "The Blue Danube" is a hack number.

back of

back of or in back of  {prep.}
1. In or at the rear of; to the back of; behind.
The garage is hack of the house.
Our car was in hack of theirs at the traffic light.
2.  {informal}
Being a cause or reason for; causing.
Hard work was back of his success.
The principal tried to find out what was back of the trouble on the bus.
3.  {informal}
In support or encouragement of; helping, clones will be elected because many powerful men are back of him.
Get in back of your team by cheering them at the game.

back talk

back talk  {n.}
A sassy, impudent reply.
Such back talk will get you nowhere, young man!

back the wrong horse

To support a loser.
In voting for George Bush, voters in 1992 were backing the wrong horse.

dash off

dash off  {v.}
To make, do, or finish quickly; especially, to draw, paint, or write hurriedly.
Ann took out her drawing pad and pencil and dashed off a sketch of the Indians.
John can dash off several letters while Mary writes only one.
Charles had forgotten to write his English report and dashed it off just before class.

dawn on

dawn on  {v.}
To become clear to.
It dawned on Fred that he would fail the course if he did not study harder.
Categories:study verb

day and night

1. For days without stopping; continually.
Some filling stations on great highways are open day and night 365 days a year.
The three men took turns driving the truck, and they drove night and day for three days.
2. Every day and every evening.
The girl knitted day and night to finish the sweater before her mother's birthday.
Categories:adverb time

fade back

fade back  {v.}
To back away from the line before passing in football.
The quarterback is fading back to pass.
Compare: DROP BACK.
Categories:football verb

fair and square

fair and square  {adv. phr.},  {informal}
Without cheating; honestly.
He won the game fair and square.
Categories:adverb informal

fair-haired boy

fair-haired boy  {n.},  {informal}
A person that gets special favors; favorite; pet.
If he wins the election by a large majority, he will become his party's fair-haired boy.
The local boy playing first base could do no wrong; he was the fair-haired boy of the fans.
Charles was a good student and behaved very well; he became the teacher's fair-haired boy.
Categories:informal noun