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get by

get by  {v.},  {informal}
1. To be able to go past; pass.
The cars moved to the curb so that the fire engine could get by.
2. To satisfy the need or demand.
Mary can get by with her old coat this winter.
The janitor does just enough work to get by.
Syn.: GET ALONG (4).
3. Not to be caught and scolded or punished.
The soldier thought he could get by with his dirty rifle.
The boy got by without answering the teacher's question because a visitor came in.
Categories:informal verb

take the rap

take the rap  {v. phr.},  {slang}
To receive punishment; to be accused and punished.
All of the boys took apples, but only John took the rap.
Joe took the burglary rap for his brother and went to prison for two years.
Categories:slang verb

off one's head (or out of one's head)

Mad or delirious.
Categories:British adjective slang

cheat on someone

cheat on someone  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To be unfaithful (to one's wife or husband, or to one's sweetheart or fiancee).
It is rumored that Joe cheats on his wife.
Categories:informal verb


heavy-footed  {adj.}
1. Slow and clumsy in walking or movement; awkward in using your feet.
The fat man tried to dance, but he was too heavy-footed.
Martha is not fat, but she is heavy-footed and walks noisily.
2. Awkward in choice and order of words; not smooth and graceful; clumsy.
In Mary's compositions, the words seem to dance, but John's compositions are always heavy-footed.
3. or lead-footed  {informal}
Likely to drive an automobile fast.
Jerry is a bad driver because he is too heavy-footed.
Compare: STEP ON IT.
Categories:adjective cars informal

answer the call of nature

To go to the bathroom to relieve oneself by urinating or defecating.
Ted was hiking in the mountains when suddenly he had to answer the call of nature but since there was no bathroom in the woods, he excused himself and disappeared behind the bushes.
Categories:call slang verb

hard sledding

hard sledding or rough sledding or tough sledding  {n.},  {informal}
Difficulty in succeeding or making progress.
Jane had hard sledding in her math course because she was poorly prepared.
When Mr. Smith started his new business, he had tough sledding for a while but things got better.
Categories:informal noun

in the dark

in the dark  {adj. phr.}
In ignorance; without information.
John was in the dark about the job he was being sent to.
If the government controls the news, it can keep people in the dark on any topic it chooses.
Mary had a letter from Sue yesterday, but she was left in the dark about Sue's plans to visit her.

control room

control room  {n.}
A room containing the panels and switches used to control something (like a TV broadcast).
While a television program is on the air, engineers are at their places in the control room.

hen party

hen party  {n. phr.},  {informal}
A party to which only women or girls are invited.
The sorority gave a hen party for its members.
Contrast: STAG PARTY.
Categories:informal noun