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hang up

hang up  {v.}
1. To place on a hook, peg, or hanger.
When the children come to school, they hang up their coats in the cloakroom.
2a. To place a telephone receiver back on its hook and break the connection.
Carol's mother told her she had talked long enough on the phone and made her hang up.
2b. To put a phone receiver back on its hook while the other person is still talking. — Used with "on".
I said something that made Joe angry, and he hung up on me.
3a.  {informal}
To cause to be stuck or held so as to be immovable. — Usually used in the passive.
Ann's car was hung up in a snowdrift and she had to call a garageman to get it out.
3b.  {informal}
To stick or get held so as to be immovable.
A big passenger ship hung up on a sandbar for several hours.
4.  {informal}
To cause a wait; delay.
Rehearsals for the school play were hung up by the illness of some of the actors.
5.  {informal}
To set (a record.)
Bob hung up a school record for long distance swimming.


hang-up  {n.},  {informal} (stress on "hang")
1. A delay in some process.
The mail has been late for several days; there must be some hang-up with the trucks somewhere.
2. A neurotic reaction to some life situation probably stemming from a traumatic shock which has gone unconscious.
Doctor Simpson believes that Suzie's frigidity is due to some hang-up about men.
Categories:informal life noun

hang around

hang around  {v.},  {informal}
1. To pass time or stay near without any real purpose or aim; loaf near or in.
The principal warned the students not to hang around the corner drugstore after school.
Compare: HANG OUT (1).
2. To spend time or associate.
Jim hangs around with some boys who live in his neighborhood.
Categories:hang informal time verb

hang it

hang it (all)  {interj.},  {informal}
An exclamation used to express annoyance or disappointment.
Oh, hang it! I forgot to bring the book I wanted to show you.
Hang it all, why don't you watch where you're going?

hang ten

hang ten  {v.},  {slang}
1. To be an outstanding performer on a surfboard or on a skateboard (referring to the user's ten toes).
I bet I am going to be able to hang ten if you let me practice on your skateboard.
2. To be a survivor despite great odds.
Don't worry about Jack, he can hang ten anywhere!
Categories:slang verb

hang together

1. To stay united; help and defend one another.
The club members always hung together when one of them was in trouble.
2.  {informal}
To form a satisfactory whole; fit together.
Jack's story of why he was absent from school seems to hang together.
Categories:hang informal verb

hang on

hang on  {v.}
1. To hold on to something, usually tightly.
Jack almost fell off the cliff, but managed to hang on until help came.
Syn.: HOLD ON (1).
2a. To continue doing something; persist.
The grocer was losing money every day, but he hung on, hoping that business would improve.
2b. To hold a lead in a race or other contest while one's opponents try to rally.
The favorite horse opened an early lead and hung on to win as two other horses almost passed him in the final stretch.
Bunning, staked to a 6—0 lead in the first inning, hung on to heat the Dodgers 6—4.
3. To continue to give trouble or cause suffering.
Lou's cold hung on from January to April.
4. To continue listening on the telephone.
Jerry asked John, who had called him on the phone, to hung on while he ran for a pencil and a sheet of paper.
Compare: HOLD ON (3).

hang back

hang back or hang off or hang behind  {v. phr.}
1. To stay some distance behind or away, be unwilling to move forward.
Mary offered the little girl candy, but she was shy and hung back.
2. To hesitate or be unwilling to do something.
Lou wanted Fred to join the club, but Fred hung off.
Categories:hang verb

go hang

go hang  {v. phr.},  {slang}
1. To stop being of interest or importance; be forgotten. — Usually used with "let".
Mr. Johnson let his business go hang after his wife died.
2. To leave you alone; not bother.
When the neighbor told Father how to manage his children, Father told him to go hang.
Categories:bother slang verb

give a hang

give a hang or care a hang  {v. phr.},  {informal}
To have any interest or liking; care. — Used also with other words in the place of "hang", such as "damn", "rap", "straw"; usually used in the negative.
You can quit helping me if you want to. I don't give a hang.
Some people don't care a rap about sports.
Bruce never goes to the dances; he does not care a straw about dancing.
Categories:informal verb