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all systems go

all systems go
all systems go  {Originally from space English, now general colloquial usage.}
Everything is complete and ready for action; it is now all right to proceed.
After they wrote out the invitations, it was all systems go for the wedding.

bad trip

bad trip  {n.},  {slang},  {also used colloquially}
A disturbing or frightening experience, such as terrifying hallucinations, while under the influence of drugs; hence, by colloquial extension any bad experience in general.
Why's John's face so distorted? — He had a bad trip.
How was your math exam? — Don't mention it; it was a bad trip.


chicken-livered  {adj.},  {slang},  {colloquial}
Easily scared; cowardly.
Joe sure is a chicken-livered guy.

cop a plea

cop a plea  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {colloquial}
To plead guilty during a trial in the hope of getting a lighter sentence as a result.
The murderer of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., copped a plea of guilty, and got away with a life sentence instead of the death penalty.

get off one's back

get off one's back  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {colloquial}
To stop criticizing or nagging someone.
"Get off my back! Can't you see how busy I am?"
Categories:colloquial slang verb

have something on the ball

have something on the ball  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {colloquial}
To be smart, clever; to be skilled and have the necessary know-how.
You can trust Syd; he's got a lot on the ball OR he's got something on the ball.
Categories:colloquial slang verb

main drag

main drag  {n.},  {colloquial}
1. The most important street or thoroughfare in a town.
Lincoln Avenue is the main drag of our town.
2. The street where the dope pushers and the prostitutes are.
Wells Street is the main drag of Chicago, actionwise.
Categories:colloquial noun

private eye

private eye  {n.},  {colloquial}
A private investigator; a detective.
Buddy Ebsen played a private eye on "Bamaby Jones."
Categories:colloquial noun

shoot one's wad

shoot one's wad  {v. phr.}
 {slang},  {colloquial}
1. To spend all of one's money.
We've shot our wad for the summer and can't buy any new garden furniture.
2. To say everything that is on one's mind.
Joe feels a lot better now that he's shot his wad at the meeting.
Categories:colloquial slang verb

strung out

strung out  {adj.},  {slang},  {colloquial}
1. Nervous, jittery, jumpy; generally ill because of drug use or withdrawal symptoms.
The only explanation I can think of for Max's behavior is that he must be strung out.
2. To suffer because of a lack of something previously accustomed to, such as the love and affection of someone.
Sue is all strung out for Jim; they've just split up.
Compare: SPACED OUT.