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all systems go
[all systems go] {Originally from space English, now general colloquial usage.} […]

chicken switch
[chicken switch] {n.}, {slang}, {Space English} 1. The emergency eject button […]

command module
[command module] {n.}, {Space English} 1. One of the three main […]

[countdown] {n.}. {Space English}, {informal} 1. A step-by-step process which leads […]

launch window
[launch window] {n.}, {Space English}, {informal} 1. A period of time […]

lunar module (L.M.)
[lunar module (L.M.)] or [Lem] {n.}, {Space English} That portion of […]

space probe
[space probe] {n.}, {Space English} An unmanned spacecraft other than an […]