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bad shit

bad shit  {n.},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
An unpleasant event or situation, such as a long lasting and unsettled quarrel or recurring acts of vengeance preventing two people or two groups from reaching any kind of reconciliation.
There is so much bad shit between the two gangs that I bet there will be more killings this year.
Compare: BAD BLOOD.
Categories:avoidable noun vulgar

fuck around

fuck around  {v. phr.},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
1. To be promiscuous.
John fucks around with the secretaries.
2. To play at something without purpose, to mess around.
He doesn't accomplish anything, because he fucks around so much.

fuck up

fuck up  {v. phr.},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
To make a mess of something or oneself.
Because he was totally unprepared, he fucked up his exam.
He is so fucked up he doesn't know whether he is coming or going.


fuck-up  {n.},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
A mess; a badly botched situation.
What a fuck-up the dissolution of the USSR created!

have someone by the balls

have someone by the balls  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
To have someone at a disadvantage or in one's power.
The kidnappers had the company by the balls for six long weeks.

like hell

like hell  {adv.},  {slang},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
1. With great vigor.
As soon as they saw the cops, they ran like hell.
2.  {interj.}
Not so; untrue; indicates the speaker's lack of belief in what he heard.
Like hell you're gonna bring me my dough!

piss off

piss off  {v.},  {slang},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
To bother; annoy; irritate.
You really piss me off when you talk like that.
- pissed off  {adj.}
Why act so pissed off just because I made a pass at you?

screw around

screw around  {v. phr.},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
To hang around idly without accomplishing anything, to loaf about, to beat or hack around.
You guys are no longer welcome here; all you do is screw around all day.
Categories:avoidable verb vulgar

have one's ass in a sling

have one's ass in a sling  {v. phr.},  {slang},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
To be in an uncomfortable predicament; to be in the dog-house; to be at a disadvantage.
Al sure had his ass in a sling when the boss found out about his juggling the account.

fuck off

fuck off  {v. phr.},  {vulgar},  {avoidable}
1. Go away!
Can't you see you're bothering me? Fuck off!
2. To be lazy.
John said "I don't feel like working, so I'll fuck off today."