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hush-hush  {adj.},  {informal}
Kept secret or hidden; kept from public knowledge; hushed up; concealed.
The company had a new automobile engine that it was developing, but kept it a hush-hush project until they knew it was successful.
Categories:adjective cars informal

howling success

howling success  {n.},  {informal}
A great success; something that is much praised; something that causes wide enthusiasm.
The party was a howling success.
The book was a howling success.
Categories:informal noun success


lowbrow  {n.}
A person of limited culture; a nonintellectual.
Some people claim that only lowbrows read the comics.
Contrast: HIGH BROW.

culture vulture

culture vulture  {n.},  {slang},  {informal}
A person who is an avid cultural sightseer, one who seeks out cultural opportunities ostentatiously, such as going to the opera or seeing every museum in a town visited, and brags about it.
Aunt Mathilda is a regular culture vulture; she spends every summer in a different European capital going to museums and operas.
Categories:informal noun slang

spaced out

spaced out  {adj.},  {slang},  {informal}
Having gaps in one's train of thought, confused, incoherent; resembling the behavior of someone who is under the influence of drugs.
Joe's been acting funny lately — spaced out, you might say.

jake flake

jake flake  {n.},  {slang}
A boring person whose company is usually not wanted.
Please don't invite Turner, he is a jake flake.
Categories:bother noun slang

scare away

scare away or off  {v. phr.}
To cause to flee; frighten away.
Jake is a confirmed bachelor; the best way to scare him off is to start talking about marriage.

scare out of one's wits

To frighten very much.
The owl's hooting scared him out of his wits.
The child was scared stiff in the dentist's chair.
Pete's ghost story scared the daylights out of the smaller boys.
Categories:informal verb

scare up

scare up or scrape up  {v.},  {informal}
To find, collect, or get together with some effort when needed.
The boy scared up enough money to go to college.
"Will you stay for supper?" she asked. "I can scare up enough for us all."
He managed to scrape up the money for his speeding fine.
Categories:informal money verb

run out

run out  {v.}
1a. To come to an end; be used up.
Jerry almost got across the brook on the slippery stones but his luck ran out and he slipped and fell.
We'd better do our Christmas shopping; time is running out.
Syn.: GIVE OUT (5).
1b. To use all of the supply; be troubled by not having enough.
The car ran out of gas three miles from town.
Millie never runs out of ideas for clever party decorations.
Compare: RUN SHORT.
2.  {informal}
To force to leave; expel.
Federal agents ran the spies out of the country.
Categories:informal time verb