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butterflies in one's stomach
[butterflies in one's stomach] {n. phr.} A queer feeling in the […]

fear and trembling
[fear and trembling] or [fear and trepidation] {n. phr.} Great fear. […]

for fear
[for fear] Because of fear. * /He left an hour early […]

for fear of
[for fear of] {adv. phr.} Because of being afraid of something; […]

hair stand on end
[hair stand on end] {informal} The hair of your head rises […]

in fear and trembling
[in fear and trembling] See: [FEAR AND TREMBLING].

in fear of
[in fear of] {adj. phr.} Fearful of; afraid of. * /They […]

shake in one's shoes
[shake in one's shoes] or [shake in one's boots] {v. phr.}, […]

[spine-chilling] {adj.} Terrifying; causing great fear. * /Many children find the […]

the creeps
[the creeps] {n.}, {informal} 1. An uncomfortable tightening of the skin […]