Learning English — More Slang

MrDuncan looks at more slang terms in his online lesson:

sucker, grass, crackers, bling, blag, diss, geek (nerd), scam, bum, bro.

Also slang for parts of the body:

plates of meat, pins, honker (hooter, konk), peepers (mince pies), mop, rug (syrop), gob (cake-hole), gnashers, mug (fizzog), bonce (noggin), gut (belly, tummy), ticker.

And yet more explained:

on the town, fib (tell porkies), scrap (scuffle), drop off, croak (pop your clogs, bought the farm), skive (bunk), bump, suck, throw the book at, wrap up (cut, break, call it a day).
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