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Idioms to Learn Today
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Richard Bach
(1936--) U.S. novelist A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit.
hold one's peace
[hold one's peace] {v. phr.}, {formal} To be silent and not speak against something; be still; keep quiet. * /I did not  […]
run around
[run around] or [chase around] {v.}, {informal} To go to different places for company and pleasure; be friends. * /Tim  […]
have nothing on
[have nothing on] or [not have anything on] {v. phr.} Not to be any better than; to have no advantage over. * /Susan is a  […]
pave the way
[pave the way] {v. phr.} To make preparation; make easy. * /Aviation paved the way for space travel./ * /A good education  […]
Paul Palmer
Remember, this planet is also disposable.

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