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like father, like son
[like father, like son] A son is usually like his father in the way he acts. - A proverb. * /Frank's father has been on the  […]
George Mikes
(1912-1987), Hungarian writer and humorist On the Continent people have good food; in England people have good table manners.
cause eyebrows to raise
[cause eyebrows to raise] {v. phr.} To do something that causes consternation; to shock others. * /When Algernon entered  […]
go at
[go at] {v.} 1. To start to fight with; attack. * /The dog and the cat are going at each other again./ 2. To make a  […]
Gypsy proverb
There are always two sides to a prediction.
reap the benefit of
[to reap the benefit of sth.] {v. phr.} — to gain advantages of sth. * /Investors struggle to reap the benefits of  […]
[UFIA] "Unsolicited finger in the anus"
Idioms to Learn Today
Flashcard learning set.Check yourself now!Try flashcard test by definitions or by descriptions.Set includes the following  […]

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