Franck's Accent — Father of the Bride

Enjoy Franck's beautiful funny accent (performed by Martin Short) :)


Now, let me do the talking, girls, okay?
Well, I negotiate better than you.
- Now what's this guy's name?
- Franck.
- Frank.
- Franck.
- Franck?
- Franck.
- Franck. Franck. Franck.
- Oh, this is it.
Okay, here we go.
- Ah, Mom.
- No. No. This is just--
- Oh, my, Annie.
- This is amazing.
- Look. Look at this trim.
- What?
- Oh!
- Isn't this beautiful? Pearls.
- Oh!
- Oh, gee.
-Oh, wow. I love how they did this, Mom.
- Yeah?
- Do you like this place setting?
- Oh, it's beautiful.
- That china also comes... in a wonderful Sara Lee yellow.
- Hi. You must be Franck?
- I wish.
I'm Franck's assistant, Howard Weinstein.
-Well, I'm Nina Banks and this is Annie.
- Hi. Hi.
- Oh.
- The bride, and, uh...
- George, my husband.
- How do you do?
May I offer anyone any refreshments:
Pellegrino, espresso, champagne?
- Oh. Um, no. No.
- No.
I'll alert the boss that you're here.
Look around. Have fun.
Oh. Oh.
This is so great.
- Annie.
- Yeah?
- Oh! Wouldn't this be perfect for you?
- Oh, it's gorgeous!
Look how it goes with the crystal.
Oh, perfect.
Moster and Missus Banks and de luffly bride. Hello.
I am Franck.
A plasure to mat you.
Howard's has affer you sumding to drink, I hop.
- Oh, yes.
- Yes.
- Oh, the bride, the bride.
Right away, I realized this was a mistake of gargantuan proportions.
This guy was going to coordinate our wedding? How? With subtitles?
Okay, please come wit me and we'll talk all about yer big day!
-The big day for de bride. Papala, coom.
Oh, seet down on my own design.
I design that.
Very nice, I think.
Now, so, you have not made up your list yet... but you know that you want de wedding at hom on Jawn-wary six, rit?
- Uh-huh. Yeah.
- Excuse me?
Yes, we would. We would like a wedding at home on January the sixth.
Mmm, I luff the weddings at the homs.
They're vary personable, very varm 'n' cuzy, vary fabulous.
Oh, so, Jawn-wary six gif us seven munths.
Uh-oh! Hello!
That's five munths!
Five munths not much!
But that don't bother me so much because it's a little bit tight... but we can do it and it will be spak-takuler!
I saw you wurry a second. Don't wurry 'bout dat.
So now, les see.
This is what I sugjoost. I sugjoost that we select a keck furst.
- Okay.
- You know, cuz de keck... vary often determun vhat kind of wedding that you end up having.
So les just choose de keck, okay?
- Choose-- Choose-- Choose the what ?
- The cake, Dad.
Thank you, der assistant.
Dis ees fun!
So dis ees a vary popular keck... with the many of the foshinable woddings, you know.
And this, I jus don't do any more.
And this is fabulliz.
Oh! Oh!
That is incredible!
Annie, that's just like the one we saw in the magazine.
Do you like it, Dad?
Well, what is that? ls that-- Is that dollars? $1200?
Vel, Moster Bonks, dis ees a vary raisonable price... for a keck of dis magnootud.
A cake, Franck, is made of flour and water.
- My first car didn't cost $1200
- George.
Well, welcome to the 90's, Moster Bonks.
Not only did I not understand a syllable this guy was saying... now I had the feeling he was putting me down.
Excuse me, um, Franck.
- Could we please have a second?
- Oh, of course!
Take two seconds. Howard, letz return calls. Could we--
All right, George, what's the problem?
Do you want to leave?
- Do you?
- No. I like him.
I think he's going to make this a beautiful wedding.
Don't look at me. You guys decide.
Give the man a chance, George, please.
Annie, do you like this cake?
It is incredible, Dad.
- Well, all right.
But, look, let's just--
- I know.
We-- We're going to, George.
We're gonna hold things down.
- We just-- We won't go nuts.
- No. No.
- Thank you.
- Franck!
- Coming!
- We'll take the cake.
- Oh, good, good.
Don't worry, Moster Bonks. I'm gonna bring de crew over to the house.
We gif everything that we haf in the once-over department... and then in the end you be vary, vary happy, trust me.
- You just smile away.
Now, interesting idea.
- Yes.
Wit regard to thame and kolor of de wedding, dis is how I see it:
I think we go vary elegant, inside de tent, you know--
With one swift move, I'd been cut out of the deal.
Annie, Nina and Franck were in charge now.
...and bootiful china--
Now, spo! And crystal to drop over dead for!
Old Dad was history.

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