24 English Accents

Listen how it sounds in:
British — Southern English — East — London — Cockney.
British (Jamaican influenced) — Southern English — London street / slang / chav / thug.
British — Southern English — Formal RP (received pronunciation).
British — Southern English — Posh upper class accent (annoying British stereotype).
British — English — West-country (stereotypical farmer accent).
British — Northern English — Manchester.
British — Northern English — Liverpool.
British — Welsh.
British — Scottish.
US American.
US American — New-York — Italian American.
US American — Southern / Redneck.
Australian — General accent.
French English accent.
German English accent.
Russian English accent.
Italian English accent.
Chinese English accent.
Japanese English accent.
Indian English accent.
South African English accent.
Nigerian English accent.

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