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Sir Boyle Roche
(1743-1807), Irish politician The progress of the times...such that little children, […]

sit on the fence
[sit on the fence] See: [ON THE FENCE].

sit up and take notice
[sit up and take notice] {v. phr.}, {informal} To be surprised […]

[size] See: [CUT DOWN TO SIZE], [PINT-SIZE].

[skate] See: [CHEAP SKATE].

skate on thin ice
[skate on thin ice] {v. phr.} To take a chance; risk […]

skim the surface
[skim the surface] {v. phr.} To do something very superficially. * […]

skin alive
[skin alive] {v. phr.} 1. {informal} To scold angrily. * /Mother […]

skin off one's nose
[skin off one's nose] {n. phr.}, {slang} Matter of interest, concern, […]

slap in the face
[slap in the face] (1) {n.} An insult; a disappointment. * […]