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at one's elbow
[at one's elbow] {adv. phr.} Close beside you; nearby. * /The […]

at one's feet
[at one's feet] {adv. phr.} Under your influence or power. * […]

at one's fingertips
[at one's fingertips] {adv. phr.} 1. Within easy reach; quickly touched; […]

at one's heels
[at one's heels] {adv. phr.} Close behind; as a constant follower […]

at one's service
[at one's service] {adv. phr.} 1. Ready to serve or help […]

at present
[at present] {adv. phr.} At this time; now. * /It took […]

at random
[at random] {adv. phr.} With no order, plan, or purpose; in […]

at sight
[at sight] or [on sight] {adv. phr.} 1. The first time […]

at that
[at that] {adv. phr.}, {informal} 1. As it is; at that […]

at the drop of a hat
[at the drop of a hat] {adv. phr.}, {informal} 1. Without […]