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coffee break
[coffee break] {n.} A short recess or time out from work […]

coffee hour
[coffee hour] {n.} A time for coffee or other refreshments after […]

cold cash
[cold cash] or [hard cash] {n.} Money that is paid at […]

cold snap
[cold snap] {n.} A short time of quick change from warm […]

come across
[come across] {v.} 1. or [run across] To find or meet […]

come between
[come between] {v.} To part; divide; separate. * /John's mother-in-law came […]

consumer goods
[consumer goods] or [consumer items] {n.} Food and manufactured things that […]

count out
[count out] {v.} 1. To leave (someone) out of a plan; […]

count to ten
[count to ten] {v. phr.}, {informal} To count from one to […]

[countdown] {n.}. {Space English}, {informal} 1. A step-by-step process which leads […]