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Jewish proverb
May his stomach churn like a music box.

Jewish proverb
The innkeeper loves the drunkard, but not for a son-in-law.

kill the goose that laid the golden egg
[kill the goose that laid the golden egg] To spoil something […]

Korean Proverb
Where there are no tigers, a wild cat is very self-important.

Latin proverb
Bona Terra, Mala Gens

let sleeping dogs lie
[let sleeping dogs lie] Do not make (someone) angry and cause […]

lightning never strikes twice in the same place
[lightning never strikes twice in the same place] The same accident […]

like father, like son
[like father, like son] A son is usually like his father […]

little pitchers have big ears
[little pitchers have big ears] Little children often overhear things they […]

live and learn
[live and learn] You learn more new things the longer you […]