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chip on one's shoulder
[chip on one's shoulder] {n. phr.}, {informal} A quarrelsome nature; readiness […]

cigar-store Indian
[cigar-store Indian] {n. phr.} A wooden statue of an Indian which […]

clean bill of health
[clean bill of health] {n. phr.} 1. A certificate that a […]

clean break
[clean break] {n. phr.} A complete separation. * /Tom made a […]

clean hands
[clean hands] {n. phr.}, {slang} Freedom from guilt or dishonesty; innocence. […]

clean slate
[clean slate] {n. phr.} A record of nothing but good conduct, […]

clean sweep
[clean sweep] {n. phr.} A complete victory. * /Our candidate for […]

clock watcher
[clock watcher] {n. phr.}, {informal} A worker who always quits at […]

close call
[close call] or [shave] {n. phr.} A narrow escape. * /That […]

close quarters
[close quarters] {n. phr.} Limited, cramped space. * /With seven boy […]