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on the heels of
[on the heels of] {prep.} Just after; following (something, especially an […]

on the point of
[on the point of] {prep.} Ready to begin; very near to. […]

on the strength of
[on the strength of] {prep.} With faith or trust in; depending […]

on top of
[on top of] {prep.} 1. On the top of; standing or […]

out for
[out for] {prep.} Joining, or planning to join; taking part in; […]

out of
[out of] {prep.} 1a. From the inside to the outside of. […]

out of line with
[out of line with] {prep.} Not in agreement with. * /The […]

outside of
[outside of] {prep.} 1. Not in; outside. * /I would not […]

over with
[over with(1)] {prep.} At the end of; finished with; through with. […]

thanks to
[thanks to] {prep.} 1. With the help of. * /Thanks to […]