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stave off
[stave off] {v.}, {literary} To keep from touching or hurting you. […]

swan song
[swan song] {n. phr.}, {literary} A farewell or last appearance. * […]

take heed
[take heed] {v. phr.}, {literary} To pay attention; watch or listen […]

take up arms
[take up arms] {v. phr.}, {literary} To get ready to fight; […]

take up the cudgels for
[take up the cudgels for] {v. phr.}, {literary} To come to […]

throw in one's lot with
[throw in one's lot with] or {literary} [cast in one's lot […]

tilt at windmills
[tilt at windmills] {v. phr.}, {literary} To do battle with an […]

with child
[with child] {adv. phr.}, {literary} Going to have a baby; pregnant. […]

worked up
[worked up] also [wrought up] {adj.}, {literary} Feeling strongly; excited; angry; […]

world without end
[world without end] {adv. phr.}, {literary} Endlessly; forever; eternally. * /Each […]