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of one's life
[of one's life] {adj. phr.} The best or worst; greatest. - […]

on your life
[on your life] See: [NOT ON YOUR LIFE].

[poor-mouth] {v.} To be constantly complaining about one's poverty; keep saying […]

school of hard knocks
[school of hard knocks] {n. phr.} Life outside of school or […]

see better days
[see better days] {v. phr.} 1. To enjoy a better or […]

skid row
[skid row] {n.} The poor part of a city where men […]

so it goes
[so it goes] Akin to the French "c'est la vie!". This […]

stars in one's eyes
[stars in one's eyes] {n. phr.} 1. An appearance or feeling […]

still life
[still life] {n. phr.} A term used by artists to describe […]

survival of the fittest
[survival of the fittest] {n. phr.} The staying alive or in […]