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word of mouth
[word of mouth] {n. phr.} Communication by oral rather than written […]

word to the wise
[word to the wise] {n. phr.} A word of warning or […]

words of one syllable
[words of one syllable] {n. phr.} Language that makes the meaning […]

[worrywart] {n. phr.} A person who always worries. * /"Stop being […]

writers block
[writer's block] {n. phr.} A condition of being unable to write; […]

[writing] or [handwriting on the wall] {n. phr.}, {literary} A warning; […]

yellow journalism
[yellow journalism] {n. phr.} Cheap and sensational newspaper writing; inflammatory language […]

yeoman service
[yeoman service] {n. phr.} Help in time of need; serviceable and […]