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over with
[over with] (2) {adj.}, {informal} At an end; finished. * /John […]

pad the bill
[pad the bill] {v. phr.} To add false expenses to a […]

pare down
[pare down] {v. phr.} To limit; economize; reduce. * /With a […]

pass the hat
[pass the hat] {v. phr.} To solicit money; take up collections […]

pay the piper
[pay the piper] or [pay the fiddler] {v. phr.} To suffer […]

pay through the nose
[pay through the nose] {v. phr.}, {informal} To pay at a […]

pin money
[pin money] {n. phr.} Extra money used for incidentals. * /She […]

pinch pennies
[pinch pennies] {v. phr.}, {informal} Not spend a penny more than […]

play the market
[play the market] {v. phr.} To try to make money on […]

pocket money
[pocket money] See: [SPENDING MONEY].