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[B.Y.O.B.] (Abbreviation) {informal} Bring Your Own Bottle. Frequently written on invitations […]

back down
[back down] or [back off] {v.}, {informal} To give up a […]

back of
[back of] or [in back of] {prep.} 1. In or at […]

back to the salt mines
[back to the salt mines] {informal} Back to the job; back […]

backseat driver
[backseat driver] {n.}, {informal} A bossy person in a car who […]

bad actor
[bad actor] {n.}, {informal} A person or animal that is always […]

bad blood
[bad blood] {n.}, {informal} Anger or misgivings due to bad relations […]

bag and baggage
[bag and baggage] {adv.}, {informal} With all your clothes and other […]

bail out
[bail out] (1) {v.} 1. To secure release from prison until […]

baker's dozen
[baker's dozen] {n.}, {informal} Thirteen. * /"How many of the jelly […]