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next door
[next door] {adv.} or {adj.} 1. In or to the next […]

on one's last legs
[on one's last legs] {adj. phr.} Failing; near the end. * […]

on pain of
[on pain of] also [under pain of] {prep.}, {formal} At the […]

on record
[on record] {adj. phr.} 1. An official or recorded statement or […]

one foot in the grave
[one foot in the grave] {n. phr.} Near to death. * […]

over one's dead body
[over one's dead body] {adv. phr.}, {informal} Not having the ability […]

pass away
[pass away] {v.} 1. To slip by; go by; pass. * […]

pass on
[pass on] {v.} 1. To give an opinion about; judge; settle. […]

pass out
[pass out] {v.}, {informal} 1. To lose consciousness; faint. * /She […]

pull through
[pull through] {v.} 1. To help through; bring safely through a […]