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quick on the uptake
[quick on the uptake] {adj. phr.} Smart; intelligent. * /Eleanor is […]

quite a few
[quite a few] or [quite a number] also {formal} [not a […]

quite a little
[quite a little] or {informal} [quite a bit] also {formal} [not […]

red eye
[red eye] {adj. phr.} Bloodshot eyes that are strained from too […]

riding for a fall
[riding for a fall] {adj. phr.} Behaving in an overconfident way […]

rotten to the core
[rotten to the core] {adj. phr.} 1. Thoroughly decayed or spoiled. […]

saddled with
[saddled with] {adj. phr.} Burdened with; handicapped. * /The business was […]

safe and sound
[safe and sound] {adj. phr.} Not harmed; not hurt; safe and […]

[scot-free] {adj. phr.} Without punishment; completely free. * /In spite of […]

second to none
[second to none] {adj. phr.} Excellent; first rate; peerless. * /Our […]