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beat time
[beat time] {v. phr.} To follow the rhythm of a piece […]

bed of thorns
[bed of thorns] {n. phr.} A thoroughly unhappy time or difficult […]

before long
[before long] {adv. phr.} In a short time; without much delay; […]

behind time
[behind time] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} 1a. Behind the correct time; […]

[being] See: [FOR THE TIME BEING].

bent on
[bent on] or [bent upon] Very decided, determined, or set. * […]

bide one's time
[bide one's time] {v. phr.} To await an opportunity; wait patiently […]

big time
[big time] {n.}, {informal} 1. A very enjoyable time at a […]

[big-time] {adj.} Belonging to the top group; of the leading class; […]

bingo card
[bingo card] {n.}, {slang} A response card, bound into a periodical, […]