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Gaelic proverb
If you want an audience, start a fight.

Gaelic proverb
God is strong and he has a good mother.

give one enough rope and he will hang himself
[give one enough rope and he will hang himself] {informal} Give […]

great oaks from little acorns grow
[great oaks from little acorns grow] As great oak trees grow […]

Greek proverb
Wives and watermelons are picked by chance.

Gypsy proverb
There are always two sides to a prediction.

half a loaf is better than none
[half a loaf is better than none] or [half a loaf […]

handsome is as handsome does
[handsome is as handsome does] {informal} A person must act well […]

he laughs best who laughs last
[he laughs best who laughs last] A person should go ahead […]

Hindu proverb
These can never be true friends: hope, dice, a prostitute, a […]