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in honor of
[in honor of] {prep.} As an honor to; for showing respect […]

in league with
[in league with] or {informal} [in cahoots with] {prep.} In secret […]

in line with
[in line with] {prep.} In agreement with. * /Behavior at school […]

in memory of
[in memory of] {prep.} As something that makes people remember (a […]

in on
[in on] {prep.} 1. Joining together for. * /The children collected […]

in reference to
[in reference to] or [with reference to] or [in regard to […]

in relation to
[in relation to] or [with relation to] {prep.} In connection with; […]

in search of
[in search of] or {literary} [in quest of] {prep.} Seeking or […]

in spite of
[in spite of] {prep. phr.} Against the influence or effect of; […]

in terms of
[in terms of] {prep.} 1. In the matter of; on the […]