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as a rule
[as a rule] {adv. phr.} Generally; customarily. * /As a rule, […]

as an aside
[as an aside] {adv. phr.} Said as a remark in a […]

as best one can
[as best one can] {adv. phr.} As well as you can; […]

as far as
[as far as] or [so far as] {adv. phr.} 1. To […]

as far as that goes
[as far as that goes] or [as far as that is […]

as good as
[as good as] {adv. phr.} Nearly the same as; almost. * […]

as good as go
[as good as go] {adv. phr.} In the phrase, I'd as […]

as is
[as is] {adv.} Without changes or improvements; with no guarantee or […]

as it were
[as it were] {adv. phr.} As it might be said to […]

as likely as not
[as likely as not] {adv. phr.} Probably. * /As likely as […]