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George Carlin - "Cats and Dogs"
Funny things about our lovely cats and dogs :)

George Carlin - "Everyday Expressions"
Classic George Carlin from the early 1990's on the way […]

George Carlin - "Fussy Eater"
George Carlin discusses food he'll never eat.

George Carlin - "Have a Nice Day!"
George Carlin talks about wishing to have a nice day... and […]

George Carlin - "The Seven Words"
The 7 words you just can't say on television. WARNING!!! Bad, […]

George Carlin - Airlines Announcements
"Seat-belts - high-tech shit..." Want to sound important? Then listen […]

George Carlin - Importance of our "Stuff"
George Carlin's classic standup routine about the importance of "Stuff" in […]

George Carlin - Words we Use
Flammable, inflammable, non-inflammable; Jumbo-shrimp; Business ethics; Plastic glass; De-plain, get on […]

George Carlin on "Happens to be" & "Openly"
George talks about the overuse of the 2 expressions :)

gild the lily
[gild the lily] also [paint the lily] {v. phr.} To add […]