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so help me
[so help me] {interj.}, {informal} I promise; I swear; may I […]

so long
[so long] {interj.}, {informal} Good-bye. - Used when you are leaving […]

sock it
[sock it] {v. phr.}, also {interj.}, {slang}, {informal} To give one's […]

[tut-tut] {interj.}, {informal} Used to express mild disapproval. * /"Tut-tut," said […]

very well
[very well] {interj.}, {formal} Agreed; all right. - Used to show […]

what of it
[what of it] or [what about it] {interj.}, {informal} What is […]

[yoo-hoo] {interj.} - Used as an informal call or shout to […]

you don't say
[you don't say] {interj.}, {informal} - Used to show surprise at […]

you said it
[you said it] or [you can say that again] {interj.}, {slang} […]

you tell 'em
[you tell 'em] {interj.}, {slang} - Used to agree with or […]