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have it in for
[have it in for] {v. phr.}, {informal} To wish or mean […]

heart and soul
[heart and soul] (1) {n.} Eager love; strong feeling; great enthusiasm. […]

heart in one's mouth
[heart in one's mouth] or [heart in one's boots] A feeling […]

heart skip a beat
[heart skip a beat] or [heart miss a beat] 1. The […]

heart stand still
[heart stand still] {v. phr.} To be very frightened or worried. […]

heavy heart
[heavy heart] {n. phr.} A feeling of being weighed down with […]

[high-and-mighty] {adj.}, {informal} Feeling more important or superior to someone else; […]

holy cats
[holy cats] or [holy cow] or [holy mackerel] or [holy Moses] […]

how about
[how about] or [what about] {interrog.} - Used to ask for […]

ill at ease
[ill at ease] {adj. phr.} Not feeling at ease or comfortable; […]