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all wool and a yard wide
[all wool and a yard wide] {adj. phr.} Of fine character; […]

along in years
[along in years] or [on in years] {adj. phr.} Elderly; growing […]

American Idioms
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armed to the teeth
[armed to the teeth] {adj. phr.} Having all needed weapons; fully […]

around the clock
[around the clock] also [the clock around] {adv. phr.} For 24 […]

arse bandit
[arse bandit] {adj.} homosexual (offensive, derogatory).

as good as one's word
[as good as one's word] or [good as one's word] {adj. […]

as hard as nails
[as hard as nails] {adj. phr.} Very unfeeling; cruel, and unsympathetic. […]

asleep at the switch
[asleep at the switch] {adj. phr.} 1. Asleep when it is […]

at a loss
[at a loss] {adj. phr.} In a state of uncertainty; without […]