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mixed up
[mixed up] {adj. phr.}, {informal} 1. Confused in mind; puzzled. * […]

more than one could shake a stick at
[more than one could shake a stick at] {adj. phr.}, {informal} […]

named after
[named after] {adj. phr.} Given the same name as someone. * […]

[narrow-minded] {adj. phr.} Limited in outlook; resistant to new ideas; bigoted. […]

neither here nor there
[neither here nor there] {adj. phr.} Not important to the thing […]

no good
[no good] {adj. phr.} Not satisfactory; not adequate; not approved. * […]

not all there
[not all there] {adj. phr.} Not completely alert mentally; absentminded; not […]

not so hot
[not so hot] or [not too hot] {adj. phr.} Ineffective; not […]

not to speak above breath
[not able to speak above one's breath] {adj. phr.} Not able […]

not worth a tinkers damn
[not worth a tinker's damn] or not [worth a tinker's dam] […]