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like two peas in a pod
[like two peas in a pod] {adj. phr.} Closely similar; almost […]

lit up like a Christmas tree
[lit up like a Christmas tree] {adj. phr.}, {informal} To be […]

loaded for bear
[loaded for bear] {adj. phr.}, {slang} Ready for action; prepared and […]

mad about
[mad about] {adj. phr.} 1. Angry about. * /What is Harriet […]

mad as a hatter
[mad as a hatter] or [mad as a March hare] {adj. […]

mad as a hornet
[mad as a hornet] or [mad as hops] or [mad as […]

made of money
[made of money] {adj. phr.} Very rich; wealthy. * /Mr. Jones […]

made to order
[made to order] {adj. phr.} 1. Made specially in the way […]

miles away
[miles away] {adj. phr.} Inattentive; not concentrating. * /When Betty said, […]

[misty-eyed] or [dewey-eyed] {adj. phr.} 1. Having eyes damp with tears; […]