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in the same boat
[in the same boat] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} In the same […]

in the soup
[in the soup] {adj. phr.}, {slang} In serious trouble; in confusion; […]

in the swim
[in the swim] {adj. phr.} Doing the same things that other […]

in the wind
[in the wind] {adj. phr.} Seeming probable; being planned; soon to […]

in the works
[in the works] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} In preparation; being planned […]

in the wrong
[in the wrong] {adj. phr.} With moral or legal right or […]

in time
[in time] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} 1. Soon enough. * /We […]

in touch
[in touch] {adj. phr.} Talking or writing to each other; giving […]

in tow
[in tow] {adj. phr.} 1. Being pulled. * /The tugboat had […]

in trust
[in trust] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} In safe care for another. […]