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help out
[help out] {v.} 1. To be helpful or useful; help sometimes […]

here and now
[here and now] (1) {adv. phr.} At this very time and […]

here and now
[here and now] (2) {n.} The present time and place; today. […]

here goes nothing
[here goes nothing] {interj.}, {informal} I am ready to begin, but […]

high and dry
[high and dry] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} 1. Up above the […]

high season
[high season] {n. phr.} The time of year when the largest […]

high time
[high time] {adj. phr.}, {used predicatively} (stress on "time") Dire, necessary, […]

hit on
[hit on] or [hit upon] {v.} To happen to meet, find, […]

hit the deck
[hit the deck] {v. phr.} To get up from bed, to […]

hold down
[hold down] {v.} 1. To keep in obedience; keep control of; […]