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bats in one's belfry
[bats in one's belfry] or [bats in the belfry] {n. phr.}, […]

batting average
[batting average] {n. phr.} Degree of accomplishment (originally used as a […]

battle of nerves
[battle of nerves] {n. phr.} A contest of wills during which […]

bear in the air
[bear in the air] or [bear in the sky] {n. phr.}, […]

beaten path
[beaten path] {n. phr.} The usual route or way of operating […]

bed of nails
[bed of nails] {n. phr.} A difficult or unhappy situation or […]

bed of roses
[bed of roses] or [bowl of cherries] {n. phr.} A pleasant […]

bed of thorns
[bed of thorns] {n. phr.} A thoroughly unhappy time or difficult […]

bee in one's bonnet
[bee in one's bonnet] {n. phr.}, {informal} A fixed idea that […]

best bib and tucker
[best bib and tucker] or [Sunday best] or [Sunday go-to-meeting clothes] […]