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here goes nothing
[here goes nothing] {interj.}, {informal} I am ready to begin, but […]

holy cats
[holy cats] or [holy cow] or [holy mackerel] or [holy Moses] […]

hot dog
[hot dog] {interj.}, {informal} Hurrah! - A cry used to show […]

[howdy] {interj.} Amer.: Hello! * /Howdy, George! What's up?/

I declare
[I declare] {interj.}, {dialect} Well; oh my; truly. - Used for […]

I'll bet you my bottom dollar
[I'll bet you my bottom dollar] {interj.}, {informal} An exaggerated assertion […]

I'll say
[I'll say] or [I tell you] {interj.}, {informal} I agree with […]

like hell
[like hell] {adv.}, {slang}, {vulgar}, {avoidable} 1. With great vigor. * […]

my God
[my God] or [my goodness] {interj.} Used to express surprise, shock, […]

right on
[right on] {adj.}, {interj.}, {slang}, {informal} 1. Exclamation of animated approval […]