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at the point of
[at the point of] {prep.} Very near to; almost at or […]

back of
[back of] or [in back of] {prep.} 1. In or at […]

because of
[because of] {prep.} On account of; by reason of; as a […]

better than
[better than] {prep. phr.} More than; greater than; at a greater […]

by dint of
[by dint of] {prep.} By the exertion of; by the use […]

by means of
[by means of] {prep.} By the use of; with the help […]

by virtue of
[by virtue of] also [in virtue of] {prep.} On the strength […]

by way of
[by way of] {prep.} 1. For the sake or purpose of; […]

due to
[due to] {prep.} Because of; owing to; by reason of. * […]

except for
[except for] or {formal} [but for] {prep.} 1. With the exception […]