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copy cat
[copy cat] {n.} Someone who copies another person's work or manner. […]

crack down
[crack down] {v. phr.}, {informal} To enforce laws or rules strictly; […]

cross one's heart
[cross one's heart] or [cross one's heart and hope to die] […]

cut out
[cut out] (2) {adj.} 1. Made ready; given for action; facing. […]

cut to the quick
[cut to the quick] {v. phr.} To hurt someone's feelings deeply. […]

each other
[each other] or [one another] {pron.} Each one the other; one […]

Fathers Day
[Father's Day] {n.} The third Sunday in June set aside especially […]

first cousin
[first cousin] {n.} The child of your aunt or uncle. * […]

fix someone's wagon
[fix someone's wagon] or [fix someone's little red wagon] {v. phr.}, […]

flesh and blood
[flesh and blood] {n.} 1. A close relative (as a father, […]